Who we are

Who We Are

Edison Stoccaggio has decades of experience in the development and operation of natural gas storage facilities. The first experiences with storage activities date back to the early Eighties, when the company reconverted the Cellino production site. Edison Stoccaggio is active in the exercise of the storage concessions of the three sites at Cellino, Collalto and San Potito and Cotignola, and in the sale of the related storage services (currently, only for the first two sites). The company is engaged in a sizeable investment plan that, over the next few years, will enable it to increase its capacity from approximately 0.5 Bln Sm³ assigned in 2010 to approximately 2 Bln Sm³.

The investment plan calls for developing the new San Potito and Cotignola concession granted in May 2009 by the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as new potential storage concessions that will become available. Storage activities are subject to functional separation by effect of Resolution 11/07 of the Authority for Electricity and Gas; therefore, in compliance with its provisions, Edison has set up a specific corporate governance structure, assigning specific management responsibilities to Independent Operators.