Thermal Archive

Thermal Year 2016 - 2017

Assigned capacity

The Overall Space for storage service assigned for the T.Y. 2016-2017 is equal to kWh (equivalent to 758 MSm³ @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Sm³).
Edison Stoccaggio following the deliberation AEEGSI 149/2012/R/GAS does not provide stategic storage service and make available approximately a volume of 140 MSm³ as strategic reserve. 

The contractual services capacities are divided as follows:

Storage ServiceMSm³kWh
Smod**755 7.985.000.000
Strategic Service***140  

Overall Injection capacity (CI) associated by Edison Stoccaggio to assigned Overall Space is 63.800.000 kWh/d (equivalent to approximately 6,03 MSm³/d @PCS 10,57275 kWh/Sm³), and it is divided among different services as follows:

Overall Injection Capacity CIMSm³/dkWh/d
CIBil0,03 300.000
CImod6 63.500.000
CI during withdrawal period0,5 5.499.100
Overall Withdrawal Capacity (CEmax) associated by Edison Stoccaggio to assigned Overall Space, is 80.150.000 kWh/g (equivalent approximately to 7,58MSm³/d@ PCS 10,57275 kWh/Sm³ ), and it is divided among different services as follows:

Overall Withdrawal Capacity CEMSm³/dkWh/d
CEBil0,03 300.000
CEmod7,55 79.850.000

During the end-of-cycle periods ("periodi di spalla"), Edison Stoccaggio make available the following capacities:

PeriodInjection [kWh/d]Withdrawal [kWh/d]
01/04/2016 - 11/04/201615.875.000 4.711.150
12/04/2016 - 17/04/201615.875.000 0
15/10/2016 - 31/10/20160 5.996.735

(*)Available capacities for Hydrocarbon service have been assumed equal to those allocated in 2015, i.e. equal to 0.
(**)The space for modulation services will be allocated pursuant to art. 2 paragraphs 2 and 3 of D.M. 25 Febbraio 2016.
(***)In compliance with AEEG deliberation 149/2012/R/GAS, Edison Stoccaggio does not perform any allocation procedure for strategic storage services

As provided for in AEEGSI deliberation 297/2012/R/GAS and under the assumption that the offered space for storage services in T.Y. 2016-2017 is entirely allocated, the maximum daily volumes that can be injected / withdrawn at the entry / exit point of the transport network interconnected with the storages for the period April 2016 - March 2017 are published by Edison Stoccaggio here below:


Network Exit point to storages: 6,03 MSm³/d equal to 63.800.000 kWh/d (@ PCS 10,57275 kWh/Sm³)


Network Entry point from storages: 7,53 MSm³/d equal to 80.150.000 kWh/d (@ PCS 10,57275 kWh/Sm³)

System prevalent flow

quvalues pursuant to AEEGSI deliberation  AEEGSI 77/2016/R/gas
qui= 0,00795241 [kWh/d] equal to 0,00075216 [Sm³/d] @PCS 10,57275 [kWh/Sm³]

que values pursuant to AEEGSI deliberation AEEGSI 77/2016/R/gas
que= 0,01  [kWh/d] equal to 0,000945830 [Sm³/d] @PCS 10,57275 [kWh/Sm³]