Thermal Archive

Thermal Year 2015-2016

Thanks to the development of the new field of San Potito & Cotignola, following its operational start up in May 2013, Edison Stoccaggio will be able in T.Y. 2015-2016 to make available an increased offer of capacities for different storage services. More details about operating conditions and scheduled interventions are available in the "Operation" section, which include the Operation and Maintenance plan 2015/16.

The Overall Space for storage service offered for the T.Y. 2015-2016 is equal to 28.309.000 GJ (equivalent to 743 MSm³ @ PCS 38.100 kJ/Smc)

Just like last year, available capacities and performances are defined on the basis of the results of wells performances simulations, taking also into account maintenance interventions plan. As a result, adjustment factors, their validity ranges as well as utilization profiles (which determine Injection and Withdrawal performances), may be affected by the actual evolution of the injection / withdrawal cycles.

Please note that T.Y. 2014/15 Customers will be able to offer their own gas on the platform PB-gas managed by GME only with reference to "Locational market - sector G-1" (Gas Day - 1). As a result of the persisting lack of an agreement between the concerned operators, today it is not possible for Edison Stoccaggio Customers to offer their own gas on the platform PB-gas with reference to sector G+1 (Gas Day + 1).

Any changes will be promptly notified to the User pursuant to what provided under Chapters 2 and 13 of the Storage Code.

A more detailed description of the services, System features, Parties’ rights and obligations and Annual Plan of interventions, please refer to the following documents: