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Thermal Year 2014-2015

Thermal Year 2014-2015

Works are in progress in the new field of San Potito & Cotignola where we increased the assignable capacity for the storage's services.
More details about Operating conditions and interventions provided are available in the "Operation" section, containing the annual plan of operations.

As last year, the capacity and the performance provided will be defined based on the results of the simulations related to the behavior of wells and on the basis than projected in the plan of action. The adjustment factors , the ranges of validity and the usage profiles that define the trend of injection and withdrawal performance may be subject to changes caused by the actual performance of the phases. 

It is noted that the owners of the storage contract with Edison Stoccaggio for the thermal year 2014-2015 will be able to provide the quantities of gas in their ownership on the platform PB - gas owned by the GME for the " Locational " sector G - 1 " (Gas Day - 1).  Considering the absence of an agreement between the operators involved , is not possibile provide the quantities of gas for Edison Stoccaggio's customers on the platform PB - gas sector to the G + 1 (Gas Day + 1) .

Any changes will be notified to You pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 2 and 13 of the Storage Code. For a more detailed description of the services, the peculiarities of the system, of all the rights and obligations of the parties, the Annual Plan of interventions please consult the following documents: