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This section contains the forms to be used in communications with Edison Stoccaggio pertaining to the operating processes provided in the Storage Code.

Request to access the ESCOMAS IT System

Through the following link, users can download the operating manual to apply for the creation of a request to access the ESCOMAS IT system. The request will be submitted to the Sales Department of Edison Stoccaggio for approval.

Download the user manual for access to ESCOMAS



Assignment of short term Capacities

Partecipation to short term auctions (ref. deliberation Aeegsi 193/16/R/gas) is regulated under Chapter 5.7 of Code of storage and requires subscribing of Declaration of power and Contract and delivering of Guarantee.

Short Term Modulation service (montly, weekly, day-ahead auctions) 
Declaration of powers of representationDeclaration (.doc)
Contract for Short Term Modulation servicefacsimile Contratto
Bank guaranteefacsimile modulo fideiussione                                                   
Parent company’s letter of guaranteefacsimile modulo lettera garanzia societaria 
Insurance policyfacsimile modulo polizza assicurativa


Capacity and/or Gas transactions

Capacity and/or Gas transactions are regulated under Chapter 7 of Code of storage.

Request to Transfer and/or exchange capacity and/or gas: request form (.doc)




Assignment at the start of the Thermal Year 2018-2019

Edison Stoccaggio publishes the forms for booking request for 2018-2019 in accordance with Ministerial Decree D.M. 22 febbraio 2018 issued by Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico and ARERA deliberation 121/2018/R/GAS. Refer to Access Procedures

Declaration of powers for auctions 
Powers of representation for auction modulo poteri di rappresentanza per asta
Powers of representation for letter of guarantee for auctionmodulo poteri di rappresentanza per lettera garanzia per asta
Storage Contract 
Storage Contract for thermal year 2018-2019facsimile Contract and Annexes
Guarantees to be presented for the auction 
Bank guarantee covering the booking requestfacsimile modulo fidejussione per asta
Insurance policy covering the booking requestfacsimile modulo polizza assicurativa per asta
Letter of guarantee covering the booking requestfacsimile modulo lettera di garanzia per asta
Determination of minimum amount for the booking requestbid bond calculation for auction
Booking form for auction 
Booking request for Seasonal Peak Storage servicefacsimile richiesta d'acquisto punta stagionale
Booking request for Monthly Peak Storage servicefacsimile richiesta d'acquisto punta mensile
Guarantees to be presented after assignment 
Bank guarantee to the signingfacsimile modulo fideiussione
Insurance policy to the signingfacsimile modulo polizza assicurativa
Letter of guarantee to the signingfacsimile modulo lettera di garanzia