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Cellino Site

Built in 1984, the Cellino storage field was enhanced in 2010; this resulted in an increase in capacity, while the original conditions of the field were fully respected.

The Cellino field has a storage capacity of roughly 120 million cubic metres of natural gas. The field consists of 5 active wells, through which the gas is stored in the field or distributed from the field, at an average depth of 850 metres.

The site of Cellino is interconnected with the transport network owned by S.G.I. S.p.A., which in turn is interconnected with the Snam Rete Gas transport system. 


Decreto di concessioneD.M. 10/12/1984
Anno inizio stoccaggio1984
N. pozzi5
Profondità media dei pozzi850 mt
Impianto di trattamentoglicol trietilenico: 1 colonna da 1 MSmc/g + 1 da 0,25 MSmc/g
Potenza impianto in compressione2,8 MW

Address and Useful telephone numbers: 

CC.da Faiete
66036 - Cellino Attanasio (TE)

Number for reporting any emergencies/anomalies or to request inspections on Edison Stoccaggio facilities: 
800.111.445 (in operation 24/7)

Number of Cellino Facility:
0861 668124