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Assigned capacity 2018-2019

After the last auction executed, the overall Space assigned corresponds to 100% of space offered of 9,360,000,000 kWh (equivalent to ca 885 MScm @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Scm). 

Auction June 18th 2018 Results

Auction June 11th 2018 Results

Auction May 15th 2018 Results

Auction May 8th 2018 Results

Auction April 24th 2018 Results 

Auction April 11th 2018 Results 

Auction March 29th 2018 Results 

Auction March 15th 2018 Results 




Assigned capacity - Thermal Year 2017-2018

The Overall Space for storage service assigned for the T.Y. 2017-2018 is equal to 9,145,000,000 kWh (equivalent to 865 MSm³ @ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Sm³).
Edison Stoccaggio following the deliberation AEEGSI 149/2012/R/GAS does not provide stategic storage service and make available approximately a volume of 140 MSm³ as strategic reserve. 

The contractual services capacities are divided as follows:

Storage ServiceMSm³kWh
Strategic Service***140  

Overall Injection capacity (CI) associated by Edison Stoccaggio to assigned Overall Space is 73,000,000 kWh/d (equivalent to approximately 6.9 MSm³/d @PCS 10.57275 kWh/Sm³), and it is divided among different services as follows:

Overall Injection Capacity CIMSm³/dkWh/d
CI during withdrawal period0.5 5,499,100

Overall Withdrawal Capacity (CEmax) associated by Edison Stoccaggio to assigned Overall Space, is 91,450,000 kWh/g (equivalent approximately to 8.65 MSm³/d@ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Sm³ ), and it is divided among different services as follows:

Overall Withdrawal Capacity CEMSm³/dkWh/d

(*)Available capacities for Hydrocarbon service have been assumed equal to those allocated in 2016, i.e. equal to 0.

(**)The space for modulation services will be allocated pursuant to  D.M. 14 Febbraio 2017.
(***)In compliance with AEEG deliberation 149/2012/R/GAS, Edison Stoccaggio does not perform any allocation procedure for strategic storage services

As provided for in AEEGSI deliberation 297/2012/R/GAS and under the assumption that the offered space for storage services in T.Y. 2017-2018 is entirely allocated, the maximum daily volumes that can be injected / withdrawn at the entry / exit point of the transport network interconnected with the storages for the period April 2017 - March 2018 are published by Edison Stoccaggio here below:

Network Exit point to storages: 6.9 MSm³/d equal to 73,000,000 kWh/d (@ PCS 1057275 kWh/Sm³)

Network Entry point from storages: 8.65 MSm³/d equal to 91,450,000 kWh/d (@ PCS 10.57275 kWh/Sm³)


Results auctions of peak services: