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Operational Communication


Daily Programming and Hourly Renomination.

The operating methods for the new Daily Programming process. 

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Estimate the cost of electricity and of self-consumptions

The overall cost of electric energy incurred by Edison Stoccaggio.

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Information for the calculation of the capacity available

Edison Stoccaggio makes available the information necessary for the calculation of the injection capacity available for the peak modulation service and useful information for the calculation of the Ru factor, within the meaning of Article 3.3 of deliberation AEEGSI 77/2016/R/GAS.

Information RU t.y. 17-18

Commercial profiles

Edison Stoccaggio makes available the commercial filling bands of seasonal and monthly products related at Peak Modulation Service.

Information Gmin and Gmax  t.y. 17-18

Commercial Bands t.y. 17-18 - April

Commercial Bands t.y. 17-18 - May

Volume bands and adjustment factors

Edison Stoccaggio defines, accordingly to the Space offered for Injection and the subsequent Withdrawal, optimal volume bands aimed at the efficient and secure utilization of the Storage System and whose Users’ compliance is essential in order Edison Stoccaggio to guarantee the best performances of the Storage System.

Withdrawal Performances t.y. 17-18

Injection Performances t.y. 17-18

Criteria for recalculation of withdrawal capacity t.y. 17-18


System prevalent flow

System prevalent flow