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New release of Escomas IT platform called “Programmazione di Periodo”

Edison Stoccaggio inform that a new release of the "Escomas" IT platform has been updated regarding new scheduling functionality called...


Recognised European Regulation UE 312/2014

Edison Stoccaggio publish in accordance with the European Regulation UE 312/2014 the following information.


Period Update

Following the last upgrade of MTZ and maintenance plan Edison Stoccaggio has published period's update.


Update of maintenance plan

Edison Stoccaggio publish in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 596/14 AEEGSIsec. 25 sub. 2 the update of the monthly maintence plan.


Modifying Profiles and coefficients of use for the injection phase.

Edison Stoccaggio, in order to assure to its customers a more effective management of the final phase of the injection...