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Access Procedures for Thermal Year 2018-2019


Clients who do not yet have credentials to access to the Escomas IT platform can register themselves at following link:

The Escomas IT platform is the only interface:

- to upload all documents requested in order to participate to the auction (to be sent in any case in original by the date indicated in the Procedure);
- to book capacity in the auction.

Edison Stoccaggio publishes the Procedures for booking request for Storage Modulation Services thermal year 2018-2019 in accordance with Ministerial Decree D.M. 22 febbraio 2018 issued by Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico and ARERA deliberation 121/2018/R/gas. 

Auction Monthly Peak Service April - auction March, 29th



Auction executed

Auction Peak Seasonal March, 15th 2018